Purposeful Palm series: Work less for democracy

Purposeful Palm series: Work less for democracy

When I gazed at the palm outside my office window searching for inspiration, it offered the above advice.

Together we can ensure that all Americans with the right to vote have a safe opportunity to do so. Here are several organizations that offer volunteer opportunities to support a fair and peaceful election, including from wherever we are sheltered in place:

Civic Alliance, a non-partisan group of businesses building a future where everyone participates in shaping our country, has opportunities for businesses large and small to do good. Join Target, Kenneth Cole, SAP, HandsOn Connect and hundreds of other businesses.

Frontline Election Defenders, an alliance of progressive organizations such as the Working Families Party and the Movement for Black Lives, has an Election Defenders campaign with several roles we can play on election day.

Common Cause, a non-partisan democracy watchdog organization founded by Republican politician John W. Gardner in 1970, has opportunities to staff phone lines, serve as poll watchers and more.

I apologize to non-Americans across the world for writing such a US-focused post. But you are likely painfully aware that an unhealthy US democracy is bad for the world. If you want to help, share this post with a few American colleagues or friends. Long live democracy!

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