Purposeful Palm series: Think your way to a greater ingroup

Purposeful Palm series: Think your way to a greater ingroup

The Purposeful Palm’s advice might seem frivolous, but repositioning how we think of others could very well improve our relationships. It can bring people who aren’t in our ingroup, which consists of those who give us a sense of belonging and we are inclined to support, into it. Research has discovered, for example, that after fans of professional soccer teams reflected on why they enjoyed being fans of a certain team, they were unlikely to stop and help someone they thought was an injured fan of the rival team (it was really an actor wearing a rival team’s jersey). Only 30% helped. But after fans reflected on loving soccer, something they had in common with the fans of the rival team, 70% helped the injured fan of the rival team. The bottom line is that focusing on similarities appears to expand our ingroup. And who wouldn’t want the group of people who gives us a sense of belonging to be bigger and more diverse?

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