CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

ESG (Environment Social Governance)

“Does ESG Benefit the Business?”

Bea Boccalandro
This tool summarizes the evidence on if and when ESG (environment social governance) supports a company’s bottom line.

How Can a Small Business Start Addressing Climate Change?

Bea Boccalandro

As a small business leader, you might feel helpless regarding climate change. But there are things you can do to help mitigate it. In fact, it’s likely that soon you will have to. No matter how new you are to environmental sustainability, this resource will help you get started.
“Quick Materiality Assessment Tool.”

Bea Boccalandro

This tool helps business representatives, especially those running small businesses, complete a quick and low-burden materiality analysis. Materiality assessment, or analysis, consists of identifying which societal causes will be most beneficial for a company to support through its corporate purpose, ESG and/or CSR efforts.
Image of many question marks with this text: ESG

ESG (Environment Social Governance) isn’t for everybody. Discover whether your small or medium enterprise (SME) will benefit from it.

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“The Executive’s Guide to CSR, ESG and the Whole Mess of Similar Terms.”
Bea Boccalandro | 3 mins.
This video helps business leaders reduce confusion over the many terms in the ESG (environment social governance) / CSR (corporate social responsibility) field.
“Are Consumers More Likely to Buy Socially Responsible Products?”

Bea Boccalandro | 4 mins.

This video presents a solid answer, thanks to new research, on whether strong CSR performance, per publicly available data, boosts sales.
“When Does (and Doesn’t) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Boost Sales?”

Bea Boccalandro | 6 mins.

This video builds in the above video to answer under what conditions CSR boosts sales: Which consumers? Which products? Which causes?

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