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For Goodness Sake, Be Repetitive Whatever you did to merit that heartfelt “thank you!” in your inbox, do it again! This time for someone else.

Purposeful Palm series: For goodness sake, be repetitive

We are living in complex times. It’s fine to repeat proven ways to do good at work. Not everything worthwhile is an innovation. PS: If you’re just learning of the Purposeful Palm, it’s the tree outside my office window that my gaze lands on when I’m stuck, looking for ideas or trying to solve something. Thankfully, it is generous with its advice!  

Ask yourself every work morning, “Who will I pleasantly surprise today?” The Purposeful Palm thanks Dr. Angela Demaree for this job-purposing practice.

Purposeful Palm series: Take a surprising turn

The above Purposeful Palm tip was shared by Dr. Angela Demaree when she interviewed me (Bea Boccalandro) on her Beyond the Stethoscope podcast. If you doubt that your surprises will make a difference, know that the book Compassionomics by Anthony Mazzarelli and Stephen Trzeciak found that a 40-second caring interaction improves the wellbeing of the recipient. So, apply Dr. Demaree’s tip confidently!

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Purposeful Palm series: A simple New Year’s resolution that delivers high return

It’s that simple! At the time of the appointment, start exploring what you might contribute and then go do it. Half the effort —and fun — will be selecting the good deed of the week. Consider searching for options in your company’s volunteer program, resource groups or other employee programs. Or do a Google search. You might end up picking up the phone to check-in on a laid-off colleague, nominating a local nonprofit for an award or switching to using renewable energy. The possibilities are endless. at first, this weekly practice might be challenging. By March, though, you’ll be on a roll! Your actions will improve the lives of the 52 people and causes you select, of course. But this practice will also brighten your life. My research finds that adopting the Purposeful

This holiday season... Show everyone the same tenderness you would a loved one experiencing divorce.

Purposeful Palm series: Be very tender-hearted this holiday season

Yes, the Purposeful Palm is right: A report published by the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen suggests that the 2020 global decline in happiness is as sharp as if all eight billion of us were divorcing. The study also found that for every 100 new COVID-19 cases another 7,200 people, on average, become anxious. In the United States, COVID cases are still skyrocketing so it’s likely that suffering will continue escalating through Christmas and New Years. (Yet, the Palm’s tip is not just for Americans. The rest of the world might have handled the pandemic more competently than we did, but meaningful declines in hardship and restoration of healthy normalcy are still far off in the future.) And yes, as we would expect, the Happiness Research Institute also found that our kindness toward others will help