Purposeful Palm series: A simple New Year’s resolution that delivers high return

Purposeful Palm series: A simple New Year’s resolution that delivers high return

It’s that simple! At the time of the appointment, start exploring what you might contribute and then go do it. Half the effort —and fun — will be selecting the good deed of the week. Consider searching for options in your company’s volunteer program, resource groups or other employee programs. Or do a Google search. You might end up picking up the phone to check-in on a laid-off colleague, nominating a local nonprofit for an award or switching to using renewable energy. The possibilities are endless. at first, this weekly practice might be challenging. By March, though, you’ll be on a roll!

Your actions will improve the lives of the 52 people and causes you select, of course. But this practice will also brighten your life.

My research finds that adopting the Purposeful Palm’s recommendation might very well increase your job satisfaction by 13%. Other studies suggest that it could make you 24% more productive, 10% more likely to get a raise and 40% more likely to be promoted. Furthermore, brain imaging studies indicate that it might reduce your level of stresslower your blood pressure and boost your happiness. For a more complete explanation of all the benefits of this New Year’s resolution,  the first three chapters of Do Good at Work: How Simple Acts of Social Purpose Drive Success and Wellbeing will help.

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