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Do Good At Work: How Simple Acts of Social Purpose Drive Success and WellbeingBea’s book is (almost) here! Preorder it.

How doing good at work can reduce stress and make you more money. Derrick Kinney, CEO of the Good Money Framework, interviews Bea on his new podcast “Good Money Good Hands Good Work.” Listen on Apple or Spotify.

Community for Employee Civic Engagement (CECE) – various resources. This online resource is designed and managed by Points of Light. It aims to help people looking for answers and ideas to help employees connect to causes and help companies maximize the impact of their social-impact actions. Bea is honored to serve as a CECE expert. Explore

“Forming An Upstream Mind”. COVID-19 just might improve our troubled society. Bea has a conversation with Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Schuck on their Plenty for Everyone podcast.   Listen

“What is Job Purposing?” podcast on the Pro Bono Perspectives program from Common Impact.   Listen

Blog.   Read



“Investor Consideration of Racial and Ethnic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Current State and Ideas for Improvement” – White paper commissioned by Caesars Entertainment (leaders in the diversity, equity and inclusion space). Bea had the honor of working with Caesars and over 40 other companies and nonprofits to author the paper. A special thanks to the wonderful Sustainable Brands for distributing the paper.    Download

“Volunteering benefits employees—Here’s the Proof” – CSAA Insurance Group volunteerism research study: 2019.   Download

“The New Business Imperative: Employees Turn Environmental Action Into a Workplace Necessity” – EarthShare report (Bea Boccalandro served as lead writer).   Download

“Increasing Employee Engagement Through Corporate Volunteering” – Original research report conducted with Voluntare, Orange, Repsol and PwC.   Download

“Stop the Charity and Start the Impact: How IBM and Others Have Reinvented Corporate Giving to Better Serve Society and Business” white paper.   Download

“Drivers of Effectiveness for Employee Volunteering and Fortune 500 Performance” report (this report is a favorite classic). Download



“Class Purposing: How to Bring a Societal Purpose to Your Class to Enrich the Classroom Experience”The International Undergraduate Journal For Service-Learning, Leadership, and Social Change (Vol. 6:2, 2017).   Read

“How Job Purposing Can Convert Your Sustainability Practices Into Superb Management” – Sustainable Brands.   Read

“How Managers Are Rekindling Joy at Work by Reclaiming Our Ancient Desire to Help Each Other”Alternatives Journal.  Read

“Copy This: HP Canada’s Eco Advocates Program”Alternatives Journal.   Read